Alcest – “Kodama”

Alcest “Kodama” (September  2016), the upcoming fifth album by Alcest marks the French duo’s ferocious return to the epic and contrasted style of its early works while continuing the band’s relentless pursuit for fresh ideas. Combining poetic elements with darker ones, that were not present in Alcest’s earlier works, “Kodama” manifests as an intense album, featuring a more organic, punchy sound and showcasing impulses from an array of different places.
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INSOMNIUM – WINTER’S GATE (New Album September 23, 2016)

Melodic Death Metal has been a sub-genre that has blossomed as well as flourished throughout the world over the past twenty years. Still spreading its wings over the modern world through countless adaptations, one absolutely inspirational band that specializes in the genre, while adding a flair of Black Metal, a handful of Progressive, as well as a touch of Doom, is Finland’s own Insomnium. With six previous awe-inspiring albums under their belt, their last, 2014′s Shadows of the Dying Sun, saw the band ride forth with vivid atmosphere of apocalyptic emotions. Now two years later, they return with their most sacrificial contribution to Metal with the pure concept album, Winter’s Gate. Set for release on September 23, 2016 via Century Media, Winter’s Gate begins its journey into the world as a forty minute long album containing one self-titled song. Keep Reading